Below is a link to the official Robert Munsch website:

 Learn to Read is a leveled, phonetically based reading program that goes well with the early reading practice that we are doing in the classroom with the Bob Books.
This is the official Eric Carle website. It has information about Eric Carle, his books, and how he makes his pictures.

This is a link to the official Little Critter website. It has a lot of activities, and features author Mercer Mayer reading some of his books online.

 This link is for my first grade webpage from 2009-2010. Here you can listen to students from last years class saying the poems and singing the songs we use in grade one.                                                

This math game drills addition facts, with a timer that can be set as you like.
This is a link to a free online touch typing tutorial. We will work with this some in computer class at school to develop basic keyboarding skills and begin learning to touch type (with all the fingers).

One Response to Links

  1. Sheila Desmond says:

    Sounds like a joyous, vibrant class. I wish my first graders had had such a lively first grade experience.

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